The Los Gatos Social Club: Doing our Thing

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Holiday Party December '07

Rick and Julie's Super Super Bowl Party February '08

The Los Gatos Social Club's Ambassador to Washington, Congressman Mike Honda
March '08

Los Gatos Weekly Times
March '08

Trevese May '08

Teri Hope's Cajun Bash May '08
The Los Gatos Social Club visited Magnolia Manor, the beautiful home of Teri Hope for a sultry southern style soiree. We enjoyed Mint Juleps, Hurricanes, and other libations on the Veranda. We got your enjoys from creole style food including spicy Cajun craw fish fresh from the Louisiana Gulf Coast and fresh shucked oysters.

Dennise and Peter present The World's Greatest Tacos , Tequila Tasting, and the 2008 International Guacamole Competition

Image Magazine June '08

Glynne's Glamorous Coming Out Affair July '08
Glynne hosted us in her lovely new home on Overlook.

Larry and David's Paella for 100 Soiree at La Estancia July '08
Larry and David were our hosts at their fabulous La Estancia estate. Tapas and the largest paella in the history of Los Gatos was served!

Marilyn Dorsa and David Stonesifer at La Estancia
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Trek to Ron Simner’s and The Land of Plumed Horses – July '08
We brought our spitit of adventure and our pith helmets; for on this special night we traveled to the distant and exotic realm known as S a r a t o g a, pronounced "Sar eh tow gah" by the local population. Club member Ron Simner, who has lived amongst this peculiar tribe for many years, was our guide through this strange land of plumed horses and oriental gardens as he hosted a pool-side buffet featuring delicacies from China (doesn't that border Saratoga?).

Marilyn & Frank’s Midsummer Night’s Dream at La Rusticana – July '08
We drink and dined at La Rusticana. Marilyn and Frank Dorsa hosted us at one of Los Gatos premiere venues.

A Night in the Almond Grove
The marvelous Mary MacDonald hosted us at her historic home in the Almond Grove.

A Night in Palermo It has been almost 100 years since the Cali familia moved from Sicily to the Valley of Heart's Delight but the traditions are alive and well in our Los Gatos!

The Golden Tiki at Casa Knowles Jonathan and Kelly served it up tiki style as we enjoyed Mai Tais and Zombies in their tropical playground while we watched enchanting Polynesian hula and fire dancers.

Chicago Steak and Fish
Wow! What a fantastic evening Tommy put on for us as we celebrated the grand opening of Chicago Steak and Fish .

A Night in Havana
Just when we thought our summer parties couldn't get any better, Gayle set a new standard as we kicked it Cuban style.

Silver Mountain Harvest Festival
Club member Jerold O'Brian hosted us at his beautiful winery in the Santa Cruz Mountains. Another great day in paradise.

Post Election Gathering at Trevese
Club member Michael Miller hosted us once again at his fabulous downtown restaurant, Trevese as we inaugurated his new upstairs banquet room.

Our founder, Patrick O'Laughlin
September 1948 - November 2008

Los Gatos Annual Children's Christmas Parade
The Los Gatos Vesparados, The Dorsa Duck Flambe and their friends take the 2008 Los Gatos Annual Children’s Christmas Parade By Storm - December 2008

Click here to see video of the Los Gatos Vesparados in the Los Gatos Annual Children's Christmas Parade '08

'08 Christmas Party
Joe and Joanne Rodgers hosted us at their home for a fabulous holiday gathering. - December 2008

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2007, 2008 - Select a photo album

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2009 Christmas Party
What a way to wrap the year! Thanks to Patty and Tim and Pam and Tim for hosting a fabulous time!

2009 Christmas Parade
All of Los Gatos comes out to this fantastic tradition!.

A Night on Main Street:
An very fun night with cocktails at Bidal Acorn followed by dinner next door at Smoky Market.

Back to the Beach:
Tiki Surf Town
Tiki party at Casa Knowles! Thanks Sally, Bill, Kaye, Stephanie, Kelly and Jonathan for hosting a FUN event.

A Pacific Evening Rim
A spectacular evening as we sampled cuisine from countries on the Pacific Rim with our hosts Carol, Mike, and Cookie at Carol's historic home. 

Garden Party Around the Pool
A beautiful home, incredible art collection, fun table setups and wonderful food and drink. Thanks Sussie and Kevin!

Spicy drinks, spicy food, spicy ladies! Thank you Marguertite, Rick, and Teri for an FANtastic evening.

An Evening at La Rusticana
Once again we had a fabulous time a Marilyn and Frank Dorsa hosted us at La Rusticana. A spectacular event!

Dance and Sing the Night Away
Thanks to Pam and Tim Murphy and Ann Cali and Michael Kilkenny who hosted us at the Murphy home in downtown Los Gatos for an evening of dancing and singing!

Los Gatos Garden Inn and Valeriano's Ristorante
Our newest club members Melissa Thomas and her daughter Jane hosted cocktails at their beautiful Inn before we walked across the bridge to Valeriano's Ristorante.

Dennise and Peter present The World's Greatest Tacos , Tequila Tasting, and the 2009 International Guacamole Competition

A perfect late spring evening of cocktails, fine wines, and fabulous food as Gary hosted us at his Tapestry restaurant.

Willow Street
Cocktails, fine wines, and much more than pizza as Ed hosted us at his Willow Street Pizza restaurant, one of the most popular spots in town.

Art Museum of Los Gatos and Dining Out for Life
Cocktails and fine wines at our favorite art gallery, and dinners at the best restaurants in town to support the work of the Health Trust.

Campo di Bocci
Cocktails, fine wines, and a fantastic dinner as well as Bocci Ball at Campo di Bocci.

Cocktails and a fabulous dinner at the new Greek restaurant, Opa! on North Santa Cruz.

St. Patricks Day Celebration
at CB Hannegans

A Night at the Museum
Cocktails and fine wines at the Art Museum of Los Gatos.

New Year's Eve in Puerto Vallarta 2009
We celebrated south of the border at Casa Carter. Estuvo muy fabuloso!

Rick and Julie's Second Annual Super Super Bowl Party

2009 - Select a photo album
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