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Festivus Epulum Sermo

Los Gatos, California

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The Los Gatos Social Club

Los Gatos Social Club titles are bona fide, meaningful, and well deserved. Membership is awarded for grand selfless acts of commitment to the Club and our town. It is awarded as a result of acts of great generosity and service. For example, picking up the entire tab for a Social Club dinner, hosting a special Social Club function, or other grand gestures. The Board of Directors examines each act individually and bestows membership and titles. If you are interested in offering a grand gesture and moving toward membership, please let us know. All are welcome and encouraged to do so!

Emeritus Chairman
of the Board

Patrick O'Laughlin
September 1948 - November 2008

Co-Chairs Emeritus of the Board
Leo and Donna Boger

Board of Directors
Susan Burnett
Ann Cali
Peter S. Carter
Teri Hope
Michael T. Kilkenny
Jonathan Knowles
Jeff Miller
Glynne Lewis
Ira Spector

Knight on Broadway , President, and Chief Scribe,
Peter S. Carter

Grand Dame on Broadway
and Vice President

Dennise M. Carter

Big Kahuna,
Grand Pooh-Bah
and Laird

Jonathan Knowles

Grand Duke
and CEO

Michael T. Kilkenny

Martini Wahine
Kelly Knowles

Grand Empress
Susan Burnett

Grand Dame
Colleen Willcox

Grand Wazoo
Bill Gisvold

Queen of Caffeine
Teri Hope

Principessa di Valle di Piacere dei Cuori
Ann Cali

Lady of Spain
Glynne Lewis

Earl of Edelen
Ira Spector

Head Bacalau
Larry Arzie

Davide, Príncipe de Estancia
David Stonesiifer

Homecoming Queen
Joanne Rodgers

Captain of the
Football Team
Joe Rodgers

Gayle Jones

Lord and Lady of the Vines
Ed Muns and Mary Lindsey

Marquis of the Ivy
Michael Silva

Michael, Prince of Cats
D. Michael Kane

Wizardress of Wall Street
Joan Perry

Chief Justice
Jim Emerson

Denny Nino

Secretary of Skate
Rick DiNapoli

Contessa DiCopa
Julie DiNapoli

Maharani of Massol
Mary MacDonald

Marilyn Dorsa

Queen's Aide-de-Camp
Frank Dorsa

Gendarme in Chief
Scott Seaman

Greek Godess
Athina Pugliese

Ard-Seansailéir and Bandiúc
Tim and Pam Murphy

Lord Ferrari
Michael Hyman

First Lady & Mayor of the Ipanema World Cupa
Sara La Berge and
Randy Attaway

Our Fair Lady
Carol Waitte

Brooklyn Bombshell
Cookie Futterman-Spilka

Coming Soon
Marguerite Padovani

Coming Soon

Regina Paradisi o La Reine du Jardine
Melissa Thomas

Principissa Paradisi o La Princesse du Jardine
Jane Thomas

Dame Mummifier
Zoe Alameda

Broccoli King & Ambassador to Sacramento
Abel Maldonado

Ambassador to the Carolinas
Lise Smith

East Coast Consel
Jim Smith

Sultan of Saratoga
Ron Simner

Contessa DiGenoa
Joanne Riley

Chief Prosecutor, and
Ambassador to the Santa Cruz Yacht Harbor

George Kennedy

Chief Probation Officer
Janet Kennedy

King of The Airways
and Ambassador-By-The-Sea

Jim Levitt

Vicar of Silver Mountain
Jerold O'Brien

Prune Prince, Shaman, and Ambassador to Portugal
John Guilbert Mariani

Ambassador to Washington
Mike Honda

Ambassador to
the Willows

Kathy Linton

Ambassador to Reno
Jerry Ceppos

Ambassador to Moscow
Barton Dorsa

Mayor of Warsaw and Ambassador to Poland
Mario Sikorski

Ambassador to Fatima
Rev. John Guilbert Mariani

Sommelier Par Excellence
Kit Menkin

Mountain Man and his Lady
Jeff and Barbara Holmes

Ambassadors to the Sunbelt
Paul and Nicki Huber

Baron of Weights and Measures
Finn Jenssen

Creative Artistic Director
Dan Huenergardt

Mike Kane

Wayne Hossenlopp

Other Members
(May not be complete)
Andrea Skov
Bud Lortz
Chris & Bill Dok
Cheryl and Jim Landess
Christina Seaman
Cindy and Dave Lazares
Dale and Ken Bryant
Deb and Doug Lockie
Jackie and Ken Cannizarro
Joan Smith
Joanne and Nick Talesfore
Kaye Little
Ken and Dianne Price
Kristi Miller
Liza and Scott Carter
Marianne and Doug Hamilton
Mary Curtis
Noreen and Art Christopher

Pam Pirzynski
Nicki and Paul Huber
Sally and Bill Reagan
Julianne and Scott Savage
Seta Karamardian
Stephanie Adcock
Sussie and Kevin Hereford
Tamera Lopez
Valerie and John Hopkins
Steve Thomas
Patty and Tim Perry
Kelly Campisi-Farwell & Jay Farwell

Special Members

Serving Praefectus Palatii
Diane McNutt
Joe Pirzynski
Steve Rice
Barbara Spector
Mike Wasserman

Former Praefectus Palatii
Sandy Decker
Randy Attaway
JoAnne Benjamin

Peter S. Carter
Rick DiNapoli
Teri Hope
Jonathan Knowles
Jeff Miller
Tom Spillsbury
David Stonesifer
Robert Emami
Jonathan Emami
Stephen Emami

The Los Gatos Social CLub Royal Society Dance Band Singers
Dianne Chiechi
Michael Silva
Joe Pirzynski

Our Members Heritage
Great Clans of the
Valley of the Hearts Delight

Mariani (also here)





Lyndon, Farwell




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